Wagamama NHS Discount: Current Information and Details 2024:

Wagamama NHS Discount ! Hey there, Fancy a steaming bowl of Wagamama’s famous ramen or a plate of their finger-licking good katsu curry? While they don’t have a regular NHS discount program, there are still sneaky ways to save on your next Wagamama feast. Think secret voucher codes, sizzling happy hour deals, and maybe even a loyalty program that rewards you for all those noodle slurps. 

Wagamama NHS Discount

So ditch the scrubs for a bit (unless you’re on the way straight from a shift, of course!), because we’re about to dish up all the current info and details on how to grab a Wagamama bargain as an NHS hero. Refuel on delicious pan-Asian goodness without your wallet feeling the pinch!

Can I Use My Blue Light Card at Wagamama?

Wagamama doesn’t accept the Blue Light Card for discounts. The Blue Light Card gives discounts to NHS, emergency services, and armed forces, but Wagamama isn’t part of it. So, if you have a Blue Light Card, you can’t use it to get a discount at Wagamama.

How To Save Money at Wagamama?

Love Wagamama’s yummy food, but worried about the bill? No problem! Here are some smart ways to save money:

  1. Drink the free green tea instead of sugary drinks. It’s unlimited with your food.
  2. Happy Hour is great! You can get discounted dishes and drinks from 4 pm to 6 pm on weekdays.
  3. Look for discounts on websites like VoucherCodes and MoneySavingExpert before you go.
  4. Get the Wagamama app for special offers, loyalty points, and birthday treats.
  5. Try the ‘Teppan Plates’ and ‘Donburi Bowls’ for a cost-effective way to try different dishes.
  6. Join Wagamama Rewards for points on every purchase, leading to discounts on future meals.
  7. Get takeaway to save on restaurant costs. Returning the packaging even gets you a free side.
  8. Check out the affordable options in the ‘Side Dishes’ and ‘Small Plates’ sections.
  9. Visit on weekdays for a more relaxed vibe and lower prices.
  10. Share the joy with friends and family. Ordering large platters and sharing dishes makes it budget-friendly.

With these tips, you can enjoy Wagamama without spending too much. So, dive into the menu and have a tasty and affordable Asian adventure!

Wagamama Contact Information

Wagamama Corporate Office:

  • Address: 23-25 Eastcastle Street, London, W1W 8DG
  • Phone Number: 020 7631 3140

Official Website:

About Wagamama:

Wagamama is a cool British restaurant that started in London in 1992 and is now all over the world, with more than 200 restaurants in 22 countries!

Here’s what’s awesome about Wagamama:

  • Communal Vibes: Wagamama restaurants are lively and friendly. You sit on long benches, and chatting with other people is easy.
  • Noodle Heaven: They love noodles! You can get all kinds, from ramen to pad thai. There’s a noodle dish for everyone!
  • More Than Noodles: Even though noodles are the stars, Wagamama has lots of other tasty things. There are rice dishes, grilled goodies, curries, and fresh salads. They’ve got plenty of choices for vegetarians and vegans too.
  • Fresh & Yummy: Wagamama uses fresh and top-quality ingredients. Every bite is bursting with delicious Asian flavors, from zingy ginger to spicy chilies.
  • Kitchen Show: You can see everything happening in the kitchen. Chefs are busy tossing noodles, grilling meats, and making your meal look awesome!
  • For Everyone: Whether you’re a big foodie or just want a nice meal, Wagamama has something for you. The menu has options for all kinds of tastes.
  • Inspired by the World: Wagamama’s menu mixes Japanese roots with flavors from all over Asia, like Thai, Korean, and Chinese. It’s like a global taste adventure!
  • More Than Just Food: Wagamama isn’t just about the food. It’s an experience. The friendly service, lively atmosphere, and focus on fresh, tasty ingredients make it a great place to enjoy.

So, if you’re in the mood for some awesome Asian food, definitely try Wagamama. Great food, a fun atmosphere, and a commitment to fresh ingredients make it a fantastic dining choice!

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FAQs of Wagamama NHS Discount:

No, Wagamama currently doesn’t offer a dedicated NHS discount. However, you can still save with other deals and vouchers!

There’s no fixed amount for NHS discount codes. The amount saved varies depending on the specific retailer or restaurant offering the discount.

  • 1992: Founded by Alan Yau.
  • 2005: Majority stake acquired by Lion Capital LLP.
  • 2011: Chain sold to Duke Street Capital.
  • 2018: The Restaurant Group plc (which owned Frankie & Benny’s, Chiquito, and other brands) purchased Wagamama.
  • 2022: The Restaurant Group plc was acquired by Apollo Global Management.

A: Yes, you can book a table online in advance, especially recommended for Friday and Saturday nights. Walk-ins are also welcome if space allows.

 The core menu remains largely the same, but they might introduce a few new seasonal dishes throughout the year. Check online for any updates.


So, there you have it, NHS heroes! All the juicy details on scoring Wagamama goodness without blowing your budget. From sizzling happy hour deals to secret voucher codes and loyalty rewards, your next pan-Asian feast doesn’t have to break the bank. Ditch the scrubs, grab your chopsticks, and dive into deliciousness – knowing your wallet will thank you later. Remember, Wagamama isn’t just food, it’s an experience. Share it with friends, soak up the lively vibes, and savor every flavorful bite. Bon appetit!

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